Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last minute gifts

I made these 2 drawstring bags for my Mom's knitting projects, using Jeni's pdf pattern from In Color Order.  I intended on only making one, but accidently used the pattern with the smaller measurements and I felt it wasn't quite large enough for the hats that she likes to make.  Anyhow, she always mentioned that she loved these little bags, so thought she deserved a couple of her own! 

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Purple Onions Christmas Cards

I made these cards last night.  The cards (except the cups) are colored with my new Chromatix Markers that are alcohol based.  I'm still learning how to shade with them, and to try not to color right up to the image line as the color tends to bleed outide the lines a bit.  The cups were colored with prismacolor pencils.  Loving these stamps though, I still have about 10 more Christmas cards to make, and if I was really smart, I would make a bunch for next year in January.  Not sure if I'm really smart though....
These zippered pouches were made with a tutorial I found at Noodlehead.  It's the open wide pouch, and it really is very roomy.  The toadstools, and kite ties are the medium size (gifts for my girls) and the aqua/grey in the background is the large size as part of my sister's gift.  That's all for now folks, linking up to The Needle and Thread Network today and Freshly Pieced.  I only have one WIP piece to report, a quilt top I made in the summer needs to be finished, but other than that I will resume sewing after the holidays!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012


It was my goal to have this quilt done by Friday, and I'm done a whole day early!!  Here it is, I am very happy with how this turned out-I hope the family I made it for is happy too!
This is the front.  All squares were cut to 15x15.

On the back, I used different sizes of shirts, but filled in the spaces with Kona Ash gray (favorite neutral color!). Sharing this at JAQS studio today and  will be sharing this tomorrow at Crazy Mom Quilts for finish it up Friday tomorrow!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP T-shirt quilt

I was asked to make a t-shirt quilt as a Christmas gift, so I started it last week since I was all finished from the Craft fair preps.  I'm almost finished, I spent the morning quilting it, first time I've done a quilt this large in a long time (64x82).  I'm going to make the binding soon, and will hopefully have it ready for pick up by Monday.  I'll share a complete photo when it's all done, it's basically a reversible quilt since I pieced both the front and back with t-shirts!
I'll be linking this to The Needle and Thread Network today, and Freshly Pieced!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

It was awesome!


Well, the ECMC fair was fantastic!  I saw a lot of friends, and met some new ones as well.  It was really busy both days, and lots of unique items in the room to buy for Christmas gifts.  The next one will be in the Spring, I'll keep you posted for dates!

Last week, I made this little basket from a tutorial posted at Film in the Fridge.  The round bottom was a bit hard for me to ease in, but it's really cute.  Great little storage container for hair clips, polly pockets, pet shops.  You know, for all those toys that are so tiny and they end up in your vacuum cleaner.
I also made a journal cover but didn't get around to blogging it before the show.  I found a tutorial at Stitched in Color for the cover, and really like that it uses up lots of stash pieces.
inside cover

Anyhow, right now, I'm in the process of making a custom order t-shirt quilt.  It's pretty big, 69x86!  I have the top done, going to piece the back over the next couple of days and then hopefully will have it finished and ready to share by next week.  That's it for now, linking up to The Needle and Thread Network today.

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