Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 more sleeps until Back to School!

My girls wanted some new snack bags to bring to school, and a set of matching ones for their friends! I had them choose the fabric and quickly sewed these up for them.

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Anonymous said...

I remember these! Do you have any in "boyish" colours? I would like to get a couple for Luc's lunchbox. :) Merci, Kate

Anonymous said...

Me again - my email account is on the blink so I'm sending a message through your blog instead! The little snack bags you made for Luc are great - his lunchbox is pretty small, so the size works well after all. :) I am kind of jealous and so I was hoping to get a few "girlish" ones for my own lunchbox - do you have any already made?
Merci, Kate

Jeanette said...

I love the bags for school! So do my friends. By the way, i am not Jeanette, i just don't know what to put down!