Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Star block zippered pouch

Here is one more bag I made this morning. I decided to piece together a star block for the front of the pouch and fussy cut the centre block. The block came out a little bigger than I had hoped, but I guess I should have used my math skills a little better!

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Kathy said...

Very cute little pouch... I don't do too many zippers but yours came out nice!

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

I love the coffee cup in the center..your block is beautiful. :) The pouch is just perfect.

Your blog is really lovely..I am a new follower.
Thank you for stopping by at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun to see this little bag--that star and fussy-cut center really make it pop (and fun!)

Elizabeth E.

Martha said...

What an adorable little your blog.
Enjoyed my visit.

Toni said...

Very cute pouch! Love that star block, and I actually have that center fabric! Cool!

Leanne said...

Nice bag, bigger holds more things, not a bad thing at all!