Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Crayon Wallets

 Here's how it looks on the inside, with crayons, gel pens and a notepad.
I've been making some new crayon wallets over the last day or so.  I'm using the PDF pattern from JCasa Handmade.  Kids love these wallets, and I'm loving the fun fabric I found to use!  I bought the reclaimed wood tray they are in from Rusty Hinges in Halifax, love having neat display items, and they have plenty.  I'll be at the Dartmouth Farmers Market at Alderney landing on May 12th from 8am-1pm for any of you who read that are local!  I'm linking this to Magic Onions, Friday nature's table today.

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Linda said...

So cute! Marking May 12 on my calendar.

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Those look really useful too, fi like the quilt you just finished too,

Bethany said...

These are totally great. We'd love to have a couple of these!