Monday, July 23, 2012

Bow-tie quilt finish

Hooray!  It's all finished, quilted, bound and in the washer as I type!  This is the first time I've basted a quilt with 505 adhesive spray and I have to say it was awesome, and made the job much quicker.  Thank you Linda, for all your advice with the spray, I was always a bit nervous to try it, but I think I've found my new best friend in a can!

I quilted straight lines 1/4 inc from the seam allowances, and I found the spray helped to prevent the seams from puckering when I sewed horizontally across the vertical lines.   I'll be linking this to Sew Happy Geek today and Quiltstory on Tuesday!

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Linda said...

It's awesome! I love it.

Janice said...

It looks great! I adore all the different dots in the bow ties. I've never tried spray baste. i always worry about the fumes. Do you have to do it outside?

Ellie Q said...

Popping over from Quilt Story. I love how these bowties float! What a neat quilt!

Happy Turtle said...

It's lovely. :) Must check out your basting spray at some point.

Toni said...

This quilt is so great, Jeanette! I love all the fun colors! Glad to hear the spray basting worked so well for you. I definitely need to try it sometime.