Monday, October 29, 2012

A couple of things to share...

I had a family friend make me this ladder to display my quilts on at my upcoming craft shows.  I love it!  It's so sturdy, and makes the quilts look fantastic.  It may become a permanent fixture in my house after the shows are over too!

Today, I tried the ipad tutorial by One Shabby Chick, it went really well and fits my ipad and the magnetic cover that goes over it. 

Now, I feel like it's a little more protected when we are travelling-always a little concerned about dropping it and breaking the glass!!  
And, I found out today that I will be in the East Coast Momma Fair BOTH Dec 1 & 2 at St.Mary's boat club.  This fair is going to be awesome-they have a photographer there set up to take holiday photos, and 30 minute workshops throughout the day that customers can take to learn a new craft!  Awesome.

Going to link to Manic Monday at Sew Happy Geek.

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Gillian Grimmett said...

Hi Jeanette. Your quilts look fabulous displayed on the ladder! And the fair sounds like it will be such fun.

kat129 said...

Quilts displayed on ladders are the best. My grandmother has had an antique ladder displaying her quilts for as long as I can remember! The iPad case looks great too. What type of interfacing/batting did you use on it?
happy sewing!

Anonymous said...

iPad case is so smart!