Friday, January 17, 2014

The Library Project

 Adrienne from Chezzetcook Quilts has started The Library Project (click on the button to learn more about it if you would like to participate).  I have some projects chosen that I would love to finish before the end of 2014!  First up, a twin size version of the quilt named Sweets below from Allison Harris's book Growing up Modern.

Next will be another twin size quilt from the book Simply Retro.  This pattern is a square quilt but I'll have to adjust it slightly to make it a twin size.

This pattern is one that I won from Quiltstory.  It is just so cute, and I have a thing with squares in quilts-my mind is symmetrical I guess.

I bought this Modern Log Cabin book ages ago.  I did make one quilt from it  a few years ago, but I'm really drawn to the one on the front.  Looks like something that should be kept on the couch for winter tv watching!

And, I've made more chevron scarves than you can count, but have yet to make a chevron quilt!!  It's the whole reason I bought this Quilting Quickly magazine.

Pin ItOk, so that's 5 projects
1. Sweets
2. Framed
3. Sawyer's Tracks
4. Log cabin crosses
5. Chevron
Let's see how many can be completed this year-on top of my regular orders and craft fairs!!

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Conni said...

Good lucks with your projects, I can't wait to watch you complete them. I have projects from Simply Retro on my list too, LOVE that book!

Emma said...

Good luck. You've picked some beautiful patterns to play with.

Adrienne @ Chezzetcook Modern Quilts said...

Awesome choices! I think I will have project planned for the next 10 years just from what others have chosen! I am in LOVE with the cross quilt on the front of the Log Cabin book. I have been wanting to do that one too!Thanks for joining TLP!

Jeremy Matthews said...

ooo Great choices! Can't wait to see them finished :)

Linda said...

Love your picks and that chevron is so "you"! I see a few in your list that I would love to make. Should be fun to see how we all make out with finishes.

Karen Aalders said...

I love your choice from Simply Retro. I *may* have to buy another book!

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

I echo Adrienne's sentiments - I keep getting inspired by other people's choices (and wanting to buy more books!) I do love a good log cabin... I made so many back in the day that it would be fun to do one now with a more modern aesthetic. I feel a quilt redux coming on!

Dominique said...

Good choices, Jeanette! Nothing wrong with good old squares and rectangles... I am constantly amazed at how versatile they can be.

Heather Campbell said...

Log Cabin Crosses is totally on my to-do list as well but it didn't quite make the cut for what I was willing to commit to for this QAL. I'm sure yours will be amazing!

Ella and Nesta said...

Really like the Log Cabin Crosses and I've been wanting to make a chevron quilt too...You've made some great choices!

Abby West said...

Ahhh, my list keep growing visiting everyones blogs. So many great books out there. Love your selection.

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

I love that Simply Retro quilt you picked to work on! Great choices all around : )

Ulla's Quilt World said...

So lovely! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla