Monday, April 18, 2011

2 more Aprons

So, I've decided to keep the pear apron for myself, since this fabric is hard to find, especially the aqua pear and apples (alexander henry). Love the coffee cups, but I can reorder this easily in the future since it is relatively new. I have 2 more finished aprons, but have decided to leave it as is, that's enough of my photo on the blog!! As my 9 year old says- you need a mannequin!

I've linked this post to Quiltstory, lots of inspiration over on their blog! Check it out.

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OhioMomPatriot said...

These are cute, cute, cute! I love the pear fabric! Thanks for sharing!

rachelle pare said...

its funny i was going to ask you where you got the coffer pot fabric. i love that tea cups ect and have a hard time finding some. as well why is it i can only find patterns for women's aprons. i want to make one for my brother in law without the frills on it. do you know of a pattern. thanks rachelle

rachelle pare said...

i was going to ask where you got the fabric with the coffee pots on it as i have a difficult time finding any. i love anything with teacups, pots ect. as well i am looking for a pattern for a mans apron. i am having a difficult time coming up with one. i want to make one for my brother in law for christmas so time is running out. thanks rachelle