Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Log Cabin Blocks

This morning I decided to start a new quilt. I`ve finished these 2 blocks so far, first time I`ve ever done a log cabin block. So far so good, but not sure about the color value, I know light on one side and dark on the other, but I tend to buy all vibrant colors so they all seem to have the same value to me. Anyhow, must go take a look at the other WIP`s over at Freshly Pieced, and maybe get some ideas (like I need more of those!!).

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Kelly Irene said...

I'm not great with color value either. Are you going to do all of your blocks the same way (with the light on the left & bottom on all the blocks)? The fabrics you chose are really cute.

LynCC said...

**Love** the owl log cabins!