Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP quilt top finish

I just finished this quilt top this afternoon, I started the blocks in the first part of January. I'm so excited, I just love the colors. I've been wanting to use the Kona Ash as a background for a while now, and this color combo pops nicely against the ash. The squares are a tutorial by Fresh Lemon Quilts.

I made 20 squares, more of a crib size. Not sure how I'll quilt it yet.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday today (see button on the right!).

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Domestic Moose said...

Oh my. I love the dots so much. So pretty.

foiplus said...

I love it! Your colors are really perfect. Great job, I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern!

Faith Jones said...

Sorry, I was logged into my other gmail account. That was me, Faith. :)

Happy Turtle said...

It's beautiful! :) Love the colors.

Nicole said...

Very cute top! I love the fabrics you chose.