Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Post at The Needle and Thread Network!

Today, my blog is being featured at The Needle and Thread network, a site for Canadian Bloggers to share their work and inspiration! I chose a few quilts to show off over there, one of them I'll elaborate on a bit more in this blog post.

I'm most proud of this tulip quilt I made in a class at Thistledown Quilts in Lethbridge, Alberta.  It has machine applique, and then I hand quilted around the border, the tulips and the center.  I've not done any other quilts with this much detail to it since, maybe that's why I'm so proud of it- because I can't believe it's finished!

The other 2 quilts that are special to me are ones I made for my 2 daughters once they moved from their little cribs to their "big beds".  Here is one with stars and batiks I made for my oldest:

And, also one I made for my youngest daughter:

One more that I made with my Mom while she was here helping me right after the birth of my youngest daughter.  She was such a great baby and slept nicely, we'd take turns stitching a row here and there, and just left the work on the kitchen table all day.

I see how much fabric has changed over the years.  Most of the ones I've shared with you are between 7 and 12 years old.  But I love them because of the people I've made them for (and made them with!).

If it's your first time here on my blog, you'll find more recent baby quilts under the label section, but I really wanted to share my personal ones for this post.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and don't forget to check out the mini-interview at The Needle and Thread Network!

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Anonymous said...

Just let me know when you are ready to make Luc's quilt..! ;)