Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Purple and Orange Color combo

 I tried out a new color combo today-purple and orange.  I have some really cute owl fabric that I've been meaning to use, so just went from the colors in that fabric. 
 Super soft purple chenille for the back, and voila!  Done.
 Made the dinosaur blanket on Saturday, then folded it up for the weekend.  Well, obviously it's in sore need of the iron, but I was too lazy to do it right then.
Pin ItAwesome blue dot chenille on the back.  I'm in the midst of making some girly crayon wallets.  Next Wednesday, I'll be dropping off product at a new shop called As Luck Would Have It in Bridgewater.  Can't wait to see the store in person.  The photos so far are amazing!!  Linking up today to Quiltstory .

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