Monday, June 10, 2013

Knit Cowl

 I know it's June, but I actually knit more in the summer than the winter.  Knitting is just so portable, for outside on the patio etc.  but with the cool weather I just may be wearing this soon!! 
 I made this cowl as a circle scarf, but not one that loops twice.  I just made it a little wider and it looks great just sitting around you neck once, and less bulky too.  I discovered a yarn shop in Dartmouth called Dartmouth Yarns and she has a beautiful selection of fibres in her store.  This is so soft, and has a wonderful sheen to it. 
Pin ItJust a simple seed stitch pattern, used size 6 circular needles with 85 stitches.  I have a cream color on the same needles now, I  think I'll make that one a bit wider....

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