Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crayon Wallets

Pin ItSo, my first fair starts this Friday at Christmas at the Forum.  I have a selection of infinity scarves, a few bibs and baby minky blankets available.  Now, I'm starting prep for the next fair on Nov 23-24.  It is the Holiday Fair with the East Coast Momma Collective and will have 3 event times (includes a Saturday night market).  I figure I will need a large amount of product, and so I just finished up 15 more crayon wallets today-it took me 3 days from start to finish!!!  There is a lot involved in making these, but they are just so cute.

That, is a good feeling!!

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Karen said...

The crayon wallets look great all lined up together. They could almost be used as a decorator item with their lovely colours.

Sara said...

Funny I have read your blog a bit here and there but reading this entry has me realizing that we must live nearby. I'll be enjoying the forum fair this weekend! Good luck!