Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flannel receiving blanket

This morning, I made this tractor blanket. It has flannel on both sides and it is called a self-binding blanket because of the large border all the way around. For the top stitching, I used a stitch on my machine that is similar to a blanket stitch, not sure if that is visible in the top photo. I like this blanket, it's about 34 inches square, a nice size for a new baby. And I really like trying something new (like those mitered corners). I guess that's why this blog is all over the place!! I can't seem to stick to any one thing, I just bounce from project to project. So many fun things to make that I want to try them all!

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1 comment:

Toni said...

That blanket is cute, Jeanette! I think I've seen a tutorial for that type of blanket that I was going to try sometime before the next baby comes. I also think you need to give me some tips on making blankets with minky. Yours always look so neat and professional while mine look like a third-grader sewed them!