Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm in love...

Last December, I participated in a craft show in Middle Musquodoboit  where I met Rick Elwood of Ruff-Stuff Woodworking .  I immediately fell in love with his distressed frames, mirrors, cabinets.  I contacted him in May, and with a sketch I drew he built me this cabinet.

The side panels are made out of an old wooden door that I found in my parents basement!  It had been there for years, and had purple paint underneath the white.  If you look close you can see a bit of it coming through the white.

I put a little runner I had quilted last year on top, with the same turquoise as that lovely hydrangea button artwork I have (made by a local artist). 

There you have it, showing off what I am truly proud of.  And how can I stop at just one?  Now, I have a taller cabinet on order for my dining room-this could be seriously addictive.  Have a great Canada Day tomorrow!

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Toni said...

What a cool cabinet! Those hinges are fun. And I love the hydrangea art and that frame!