Monday, July 2, 2012

Christmas in July...

Yes, those are Christmas cards.  And today it was 30C, but I stumbled upon a blog that is doing one sketch a week that you turn in to a card for the holidays, and then there is not as much of a rush when December comes.  So, I went back to her past sketches and printed them all off (there have been 26 so far).  I've done the first 3, and made 2 of each card (one for me, one for my craft fair table).  Let's see how long this idea lasts (I'm hoping until I have around 100- 50 to keep, 50 to sell).  So far, I have 6!  Long way to go, I know.  The blog is called Always Playing with Paper if you're interested in playing along.  I'm linking this to The Paper Players this week.

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Susan Being Snippy said...

spent some time reading back posts on your blog and am so glad I did! Love these cards, I have been thinking similar thoughts except doing fibre post cards -- these drawings would work great! Now, gee, another project to work on!