Friday, March 22, 2013

Marathon of sewing..

 This week I've been trying to cross some items off my craft fair sewing list.  The above is an awesome tray full of reusable snack bags, they take way longer to make than they look!!  Anyhow, now have a stock of 30, one item crossed off!
Pin ItI was in PEI last week and had a chance to visit a beautiful shop in Charlottetown called Emmett and Ellie's.  The whole store is full of locally made products, and I found this awesome wood tray there (I think I need and intervention when it comes to buying wood trays and furniture, but I mean look at it, how could I leave it there?).  I plan on filling it with greeting cards but for now have the list takers there that I made this week as well.
Grocery list takers & coupon organizer
The fair is on April 28th at the St. Mary's Boat club in Halifax (9-3).  Hope to see some of you local readers there! 

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