Thursday, November 14, 2013

Now for the babies....

Pin ItLast time, I posted a cuddle blanket for grown ups-now it's all about the babies!  Only 9 days to finish prepping for the fair-now I'm getting nervous!

I ordered fabric from Warp and Weft last week and made these 3 gorgeous blankets.  Well, 2 of the hedgehog since it's just so cute.  I've had my eye on the bunny fabric for a long time, and since I was out of linen fabric I thought I would place an order for linen, and some fun woodland prints!
This fabric was found at a local quilt shop called Atlantic Fabrics.  I'm really in love with that raccoon fabric- really cute.
And this is the last of my beloved toadstool fabric.  I've made a quilt, crayon wallets, drawstring bags and now this blanket.  I'm said to say, it is all used up and I no longer have any in my stash...

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Karen said...

You have been busy. They are gorgeous little blankets. Good luck!